Dr. Audrey Pottinger

Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer

Dr Audrey M Pottinger, a licensed clinical psychologist, was trained in the USA, UK and Jamaica. After she obtained her PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, her professional career in Clinical Psychology began with her working in Haringey Council, London. Upon returning home, she began working at the University of the West Indies and is presently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Child and Adolescent Health, teaching mental health concepts and practice to medical students, paediatric residents, and post graduate Psychology students. She is also a consultant at the University Hospital (UHWI).
In addition to her clinical practice with children and adults, Dr Pottinger provides a specialty practice in grief and loss that involves both death and non-death losses. At UHWI she counsels paediatric oncology in-patients and families and manages an outpatient clinic specialising in Grief and Trauma. She also works closely with clients from the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit, UWI, who need or are undergoing assisted reproduction. For the past 5 years, her development of a one year post graduate diploma in Loss, Grief and Trauma Management out of the Faculty of Medical Sciences has allowed specialty training of health and social welfare professionals. Dr Pottinger is a board member on several organisations, a trained Disaster Mental Health Responder for the Jamaica Red Cross, and serves as one of the external mental health consultants for the staff of the United Nation agencies in Jamaica. She has several publications in local and international journals and is the author or co-author of three books on loss and grief.