Dr Sharon McLean-Salmon

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr McLean-Salmon is a Consultant Paediatrician of many years and more recently the Haematologist/Oncologist attached to the Bustamante Hospital for Children, since returning from the University of Toronto/ Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Canada, where she received her training. She is one of Jamaica’s representatives on the SickKids Caribbean Initiative, which is a SickKids-led plan, collaborating with Jamaica and Region, to improve the management and outcome of paediatric oncology/haematology patients in the Caribbean.
She also represents Jamaica on the ASH-CICAL initiative, which is a thrust by the American Society of Haematologists to improve the management of leukemia in Jamaica and wider Caribbean. Dr McLean-Salmon has also been involved in revising protocols for the treatment of some common cancers, Wilms tumor, medulloblastoma, ALL and is a primary liason with the country’s international partners whereby Jamaica’s children can have the benefit of world expert guidance in their managements and also access to expensive investigations not offered in Jamaica.
She is a member of several local and international associations, eg MAJ, AGMC, Jamaica cancer society; and internationally; SIOP, ASH-CICAL, ASPHO and Haemophilia Academy and is engaged with the SCI group in cancer related research.
Dr McLean-Salmon is very passionate about her work and what she believes in, and tries to live by “with God all things are possible”. She is also very “family oriented” and lists her family of husband Richard and children Chad and Gabby as her greatest achievements to date.